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In the world of sieve webs the options are almost infinite.
In order to clearly specify a web,Agro-Belts uses a standard code,
which you will find in offers, order confirmations and invoices.
On this page we explain how the definition of a sieve web is
made. This only applies to standard sieve webs. All specialities will
be mentioned separately below. Specialities are for instance: rod
coverings, cranked rods, flights, centre belt attachments and
stone traps.
Unless stated otherwise, a standard sieve web will be equipped
with rods of spring steel, Class C. If this is not the case, the rods
will be mentioned as a speciality.
All dimensions will be written in mm only. On a quotation we will
also note the number of rods between brackets ( ), as an extra
check for yourself.

A– length in mm
B – width in mm
C – number of traction belts
D– type of traction belts
E – width of traction belts
F – rod diameter
G– joining method