About Agro-Belts

Our company, located near the France border, is specialized in the production of crop conveyer belts and sieve webs as well in the production of driving wheels and support rollers for Agricultural and horticultural machinery. Our products are more and more used in other sectors ae well, for example transportation, washing and sorting of vegetables and fruit.

Our sieve webs are made with use of the most modern production methods, with the best materials available. They are used mainly in agricultural and horticultural machinery, but are also used in fishery and industry. Our products are used by content users all over Europe. Also we have clients in New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

Of course we can supply the necessary drive wheels, support and return rollers with our webs.

We keep looking for new possibilities and materials to further improve our products. In the last years we have been working on applying polyurethane in our webs and our drive wheels. Drive wheels out of polyurethane reduce the wear on both the sieve web and the drive wheel itself.

In the world of sieve webs you can rely on our skill and our long experience

The company