Split-PE is a hard polyethylene tube, split over its entire length. Because of the hardness of split-PE, it cannot be used as protection against damaging. Split-PE is only used to reduce the gap between the rods. The biggest advantage of split-PE is that it can be mounted or removed at any time.


Bekleding Ster-PVC JPEG

To protect the product from damaging we can cover the rods with soft star-PVC. This is a soft PVC tube that is profiled on the inside. It is available in many sizes. Because of the fact that this tube can practically always be used and offers good results at a reasonably low price, one can find a sieve web with star-PVC in almost every potato harvester.


ACT is a PVC air chamber tube for round bars and is available in 2 sizes. The air chambers make ACT a very soft covering.


This is a soft PVC covering for ΓΈ6mm rods.