In order to increase the capacity of a haulm web, haulm fingers (RL) can be mounted. When ordering complete haulm fingers it is important that you indicate the right pitch of the web


Product number


Outside diameter


RLC40 Haulmfinger 1510-01061 81mm 23-27/70mm Haulmfinger complete
RLC44 Haulmfinger 1510-01062 81mm 23-27/70mm Haulmfinger complete
RLC55 Haulmfinger 1510-08222 81mm 23-27/70mm Haulmfinger complete
RLS Haulmfinger 1510-01065 81mm 23-27/70mm Haulmfinger with shuttle
RL40 Haulmfinger 1510-01056 40mm 20mm Haulmfinger
RL80 Haulmfinger 1510-01059 80mm 25mm Haulmfinger
RL110 Haulmfinger 1510-05768 110mm 27mm Haulmfinger
RL120 Haulmfinger 1510-01055 120mm 27mm Haulmfinger
RLT Haulmfinger 1510-01066 63mm 18-25mm Haulmfinger tapered
RLHAK Haulmfinger 1510-01066 116mm 35-70mm Haulmfinger special