Joiner type SLZOL

Joining clips are designed to fit the different pitches and belt width. In order to clearly define a specific joiner, Hessels makes use of a standard coding.

sluiting codering

A: Type joiner
B: Pitch
C: Belt width
D: C.T.C. distance of the rivet holes
E: Diameter of the rivet holes

Joiner Type ZOL

Heavy duty welded joiner, made to fit every pitch and belt width. The rivet rod is mounted under the joiners.


Product number


SLZOL28/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-06902 per pair
SLZOL28/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-06904 per pair
SLZOL28/50/24×5 Joiner 3070-06906 per pair
SLZOL28/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-06911 per pair
SLZOL28/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-06913 per pair
SLZOL28/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-06915 per pair
SLZOL28/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-06918 per pair
SLZOL28/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-06822 per pair
SLZOL28/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-06976 per pair
SLZOL28/75/20×5 Joiner 3070-06978 per pair
SLZOL28/75/20×6 Joiner 3070-06576 per pair
SLZOL28/75/32×5 Joiner 3070-06979 per pair
SLZOL28/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-06572 per pair
SLZOL32/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-06981 per pair
SLZOL32/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-06983 per pair
SLZOL32/50/24×5 Joiner 3070-06985 per pair
SLZOL32/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-09503 per pair
SLZOL32/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-06989 per pair
SLZOL32/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-06555 per pair
SLZOL32/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-06991 per pair
SLZOL32/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-08407 per pair
SLZOL32/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-06995 per pair
SLZOL32/75/20×5 Joiner 3070-06997 per pair
SLZOL32/75/20×6 Joiner 3070-06999 per pair
SLZOL32/75/32×5 Joiner 3070-07001 per pair
SLZOL32/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-07003 per pair
SLZOL36/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-06967 per pair
SLZOL36/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-07612 per pair
SLZOL36/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-06852 per pair
SLZOL36/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-06928 per pair
SLZOL36/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-06557 per pair
SLZOL36/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-07261 per pair
SLZOL36/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-06693 per pair
SLZOL36/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-06536 per pair
SLZOL36/75/32×5 Joiner 3070-10317 per pair
SLZOL36/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-06578 per pair
SLZOL40/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-10151 per pair
SLZOL40/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-07401 per pair
SLZOL40/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-07202 per pair
SLZOL40/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-07487 per pair
SLZOL40/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-07346 per pair
SLZOL40/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-06559 per pair
SLZOL40/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-07068 per pair
SLZOL40/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-06922 per pair
SLZOL40/75/20×5 Joiner 3070-10476 per pair
SLZOL40/75/20×6 Joiner 3070-07597 per pair
SLZOL40/75/32×5 Joiner 3070-08249 per pair
SLZOL40/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-07598 per pair
SLZOL42/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-07005 per pair
SLZOL42/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-06711 per pair
SLZOL42/50/24×5 Joiner 3070-10686 per pair
SLZOL42/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-07410 per pair
SLZOL42/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-07245 per pair
SLZOL42/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-07407 per pair
SLZOL42/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-07247 per pair
SLZOL42/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-07073 per pair
SLZOL42/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-07092 per pair
SLZOL42/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-10590 per pair
SLZOL43/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-08293 per pair
SLZOL43/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-07948 per pair
SLZOL43/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-08292 per pair
SLZOL43/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-07698 per pair
SLZOL43/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-07112 per pair
SLZOL43/75/20×6 Joiner 3070-07897 per pair
SLZOL43/75/32×5 Joiner 3070-07672 per pair
SLZOL43/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-07896 per pair
SLZOL45/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-07682 per pair
SLZOL45/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-06590 per pair
SLZOL45/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-07169 per pair
SLZOL45/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-07157 per pair
SLZOL45/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-07168 per pair
SLZOL45/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-07398 per pair
SLZOL45/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-07455 per pair
SLZOL45/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-07986 per pair
SLZOL45/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-10003 per pair
SLZOL50/50/20×5 Joiner 3070-07774 per pair
SLZOL50/50/20×6 Joiner 3070-10697 per pair
SLZOL50/60/20×5 Joiner 3070-08067 per pair
SLZOL50/60/20×6 Joiner 3070-07159 per pair
SLZOL50/60/30×5 Joiner 3070-07413 per pair
SLZOL50/60/30×6 Joiner 3070-08198 per pair
SLZOL50/60/32×5 Joiner 3070-06570 per pair
SLZOL50/60/32×6 Joiner 3070-07115 per pair
SLZOL50/75/20×6 Joiner 3070-09194 per pair
SLZOL50/75/32×6 Joiner 3070-08156 per pair