Plastic flights (KM)

Weight saving and wear resistance are the keywords with the flights type KMP. This synthetic flight was especially designed to fulfil these two requirements. KMP flights are 160mm wide and available in 3 heights. These flights are in 2 parts and therefore they can be mounted very easy on existing sieve webs.



Product number


KMP60 Flight complete 3930-07129 Plastic
KMP130 Flight complete 3930-07128 Plastic
KMP160 Flight complete 3930-07126 Plastic
KMP180 Flight complete 3930-07127 Plastic
KMP Bottom piece 3930-02724 Plastic
KMP60 Top 3930-01191 Plastic
KMP130 Top 3930-01189 Plastic
KMP160 Top 3930-02830 Plastic
KMP180 Top 3930-02719 Plastic