Sprocket type M

With the Type M u can drive webs through teeth that drive in the bars , together with a belt supportĀ consists of a set of fingers.


Product number


28/14M.GO 0610-00122 114mm
28/16M.GO 0610-00124 123mm
28/22M.GO 0610-00126 180mm
32/12M.GO 0610-00127 106mm
32/16M.GO 0610-00128 144mm
32/18M.GO 0610-00129 163mm
36/10M.GO 0610-00135 100mm
36/12M.GO 0610-00140 122mm
36/14M.GO 0610-00142 142mm
36/16M.GO 0610-00148 169mm
36/16M.N110 0610-04572 170mm
36/18M.GO 0610-00149 186mm
40/10M.GO 0610-00150 108mm
40/14M.GO 0610-00156 156mm
42/10M.GO 0610-00165 118mm
42/12M.GO 0610-00166 142mm
42/14M.GO 0610-00172 172mm
42/16M.GO 0610-00173 197mm
45/12M.GO 0610-00183 156mm
45/14M.N110 0610-04735 182mm
50/8M.GO 0610-00184 111mm
50/12M.GO 0610-00187 175mm
50/14S.GO 0610-00192 208mm

Drive wheels can be delivered both unprocessed and machined. When ordering a machined wheel, please specify the desired bore. Keyway and / or set bolt are optional.