Overlap and endless

In addition to a steel belt joiner, a belt connection can also be made as an overlap or endless seal.
The belt ends are then provided on both sides with multiple cut layers and mounted on each other.
The length of these cuts and layers depends on the belt pitch. Webs with an overlap are always supplied with threaded plates and bolts for mounting the bars on the overlap. A web with endless belts is vulcanized seamlessly and mounted by us.





Product number


DVL+H Lijm + harder 1400-07770 DVL+H Glue + hardener
BMD 20xM5 threaded plate 3340-02519
BMD 20xM6 threaded plate 3340-02497
BMD 24xM5 threaded plate 3340-02512
BMD 24xM6 threaded plate 3340-02514
BMD 30xM5 threaded plate 3340-02511
BMD 30xM6 threaded plate 3340-02513
BMD 32xM5 threaded plate 3340-02508
BMD 32xM6 threaded plate 3340-02507
BMD 20xM5 threaded plate stainless steel 3340-02515 SS304
BMD 20xM6 Draadplaatje stainless steel 3340-02517 SS304
BMD 32xM5 threaded plate stainless steel 3340-02516 SS304
BMD 32xM6 threaded plate stainless steel 3340-02518 SS304
BMB M5x20 Bolt 3320-05382
BMB M5x30 Bolt 3320-05384
BMB M6x20 Bolt 3320-05386
BMB M6x25 Bolt 3320-05387
BMB M6x30 Bolt 3320-05256
BMB M6x35 Bolt 3320-07745
BMB M5x20 Bolt stainless steel 3320-02478 SS304
BMB M5x25 Bolt stainless steel 3320-02479 SS304
BMB M5x30 Bolt stainless steel 3320-02480 SS304
BMB M6x25 Bolt stainless steel 3320-03064 SS304
BMB M6x35 Bolt stainless steel 3320-10627 SS304