Sprocket type N

Sprockets type N are suitable for driving high cam belts. These sprockets give a secure drive, without wear on the rods of the sieve web. Sprockets type N can be supplied without a flange, so that they can be assembled to drive the centre belt.


Product number


 Flange diameter

35/6N.GO 0610-00130 121mm 155mm
35/17N.GO 0610-00133 176mm 212mm
35/17N.N110 0610-04571 176mm 212mm
35/20N.GO 0610-00134 210mm 244mm
40/12N.GO 0610-00151 142mm 182mm
40/14N.GO 0610-00152 166mm 200mm
40/15N.GO 0610-00157 178mm 222mm
40/18N.GO 0610-00161 217mm 256mm
44/11N.GO 0610-00177 140mm 182mm
50/12N.GO 0610-05019 179mm 220mm
50/13N.GO 0610-00189 196mm 232mm
50/14N.GO 0610-00191 210mm 243mm
56/12N.GO 0610-06234 201mm 242mm
56/12N.N110 0610-08397  199mm 242mm
60/11N.N110 0610-02675 195mm 246mm
60/11NZ.N110 0610-11052 195mm 199mm
80/6N.GO 0610-00197 140mm 184mm
80/8N.GO 0610-00201 193mm 221mm
80/10N.GO 0610-00204 244mm 277mm
35/17Nx.GO 0610-00132 176mm 212mm

Drive wheels can be delivered both unprocessed and machined. When ordering a machined wheel, please specify the desired bore. Keyway and / or set bolt are optional.