Sorting disks

To optimize the use of harvesting and sieve machines we provide 2 types of sorting disks.
These discs are made of rubber and have a standard bore as shown in the table below.


Product number


Hub width and diameter

 Square hole

SRW10 Sorting disk 1510-01087 100mm -mm / -mm 15mm
SRW20 Sorting disk 1510-01088 100mm 20mm / 40mm 15mm
SRW27 Sorting disk 1510-01091 100mm 27mm / 50mm 15mm
SRW32 Sorting disk 1510-01092 100mm 32mm / 50mm 15mm
SRW37 Sorting disk 1510-01093 100mm 37mm / 50mm 15mm
SRH30 Sorting disk 1510-01086 92mm 43mm / 52mm 30mm
SR170 Sorting disk 1510-01084 170mm 26mm / 60mm 25mm